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Teddington CC Junior Strategy

TEDDINGTON CRICKET CLUB JUNIOR SECTION FIVE-YEAR STRATEGY Vision:  To be the best Junior Cricket Club in Middlesex. Mission: To strongly adhere to an inclusive ‘One-Club’ culture, serving young players, both male and female, and their families, working in partnership with the Senior Club; To provide top quality coaching and playing […]

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Club Rules

RULES OF TEDDINGTON CRICKET CLUB 1.0NAME 1.1The Club shall be called the “TEDDINGTON CRICKET CLUB”. 2.0Aims and Objectives 2.1To foster and promote the sport of cricket at all levels within the community and within the sport, providing opportunities for recreation, coaching and competition. 2.2To ensure that all members, playing and […]

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Adults Code of Conduct

TEDDINGTON CRICKET CLUB CODE OF CONDUCT This Code of Conduct is expected to be adhered to by all playing members of Teddington Cricket Club (“TCC”). The details of this code, which will be overseen by the Disciplinary Committee, may evolve over the next twelve months, but the main tenets are […]

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