Advanced Coach Mentoring

Ask your players to get better at every session? … Turn up the same coach year in year out? … Want to get better and deliver a more productive, fresh and engaging session with your athletes? … We want to, and can help deliver results far surpassing your expectations! 

Learning is something we are passionate about developing, encouraging and stimulating. Whether thats for a player, a coach or a person!

We feel it is hypocritical of coaches if they are constantly wanting their players to constantly learn, work hard, sacrifice, make mistakes and seek out new opportunities, if they just turn up every day the same coach, the same person, with no improvement. We therefore have various methods, programmes, theories and knowledge to share with coaches that wish to join us in a mentoring or coach development programme.

Each programme is personalised, relevant for the athletes they typically work with, and focused to target their aspirations and goals as a coach.

We can facilitate in lesson education and support, a structured or an informal development programme in or away from the training ground.

Please contact Josh to set up an initial consultation.