About Us

Power Cricket Ltd provides services throughout cricket to help people grow, develop and achieve their fullest potential. We work with players to improve performances on the field, and to increase their chances of representative selection. We work with schools, clubs, organisations and teams to help them provide the strongest service to their members, with recreational involvement and well structured participation in cricket. We also work with coaches at all levels to guide their learning and development.

We pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge that makes up our team with various staff having specific areas of expertise to help provide and stimulate the solutions to your issues within cricket.

Our philosophy is to help build and guide robust solutions in issue driven practice whether thats in playing, coaching, mentoring, managing or directing cricket at any level. We innovate and provide bespoke options with the person we are working with being the centre of our process and work with your mission, vision, values and current strengths to deliver outstanding results.

We pride ourselves on achieving excellence and on long term benefits, and obviously with quick wins along the way.

We feel the culture and environment that we build with our clients to being an integral part to any relationship.


Please navigate through the rest of this site to find the solution that fits your needs and we will tailor it to meet your needs.