Adults Code of Conduct



This Code of Conduct is expected to be adhered to by all playing members of Teddington Cricket Club (“TCC”). The details of this code, which will be overseen by the Disciplinary Committee, may evolve over the next twelve months, but the main tenets are set out below. The purpose of this code is to re-establish TCC as a club where players regard it as a privilege to play for the club and where consideration is given by the players to the needs of TCC as a whole rather than just to themselves as individuals. Players in general will be expected to:

Adhere to the Laws of Cricket

Display and promote high standards of behaviour

Always respect the umpires’ decisions

Never engage in offensive, insulting or abusive behaviour to team-mates, the opposition or to umpires

Win or lose with dignity

More specifically players will be expected:

Turn up to training every Wednesday at 7pm for 2 hours

Turn up for all matches at least 45 minutes before each game

Turn up in a fit state, both mentally and physically, for each game

Warm up with your team-mates before the game

Play in Teddington CC kit

Stay behind for a drink with the opposition and your team-mates after each game

Pay your match fees on the day of  the game

Pay annual subscriptions before the first league match of the season

If playing on Saturdays, commit to playing at least 12 of the 18 games

Breaches of this Code may result in the player:

Being required to apologise to team-mates, the opposition and the umpire

Receiving a warning from the Captain of your TCC team

Receiving a warning from the Disciplinary Committee

Being suspended

Being required to leave TCC

There will, of course be exceptions to some of those rules. Schoolboys and students may only be able to play in holiday time. Some players will be caught at work on a rare occasion and may not make training. However the ethos of TCC is to be a club to which you as a player are making a commitment for five months of the year. This commitment should be rewarded with better cricket and a better social environment at the club.

William Frewen, Chairman TCC. October 2011