Risk Assessment


Teddington Cricket Club

Name of Venue:  Teddington Cricket Club, Bushy Park.

Date of assessment: 15/04/2014

Name of person completing check: Josh Knappett (Director of Youth Cricket)

Date of next check: 15/04/2015

Playing / Training Area

Check that the area and surroundings are safe and free from obstacles.

Is the area fit and appropriate for activity? (E.g. check the surfaces, roof leaks, lighting, heating, netting, surrounding boundary area and security / welfare arrangements).  Are weather conditions appropriate to activity?


Other comments

some small holes in the netting walls (bottom and corners). Refurbishment paid with netting suppliers. Very little danger to users. 

Surface remains safe and stable even during heavy rainfall. 


Check that any equipment used is fit and sound for activity and suitable for the age group / ability of the group.

Is the equipment safe and appropriate for the activity? (E.g. check there is no equipment left from other activities or obstructions left in the sporting area)  


Other Comments

Many balls have been replaced. grips replaced on spare bats, and helmets thrown out that were no longer safe. 



Check that the Session Register is up to date with medical information and contact details.  Check that participants are appropriately attired for the activity.

Is / are the Session Registers in order?


If no, please outline the current situation and action taken, if any:


Are the participants appropriately attired and safe for the activity?


If no, please outline unsafe equipment / attires and action taken, if any:


Emergency Points

Check that emergency vehicles can access the facility, and that a working telephone is available with access to emergency numbers.

Are emergency access points checked and operational?


If no, please outline the issues and action taken, if any:


Is a working telephone available?


If no, please outline the issues and action taken, if any:

Mobile Phones will be used in emergency.  

Safety Information

Check that evacuation procedures are published and posted somewhere for all to see.  Ensure that volunteers and staff have access to information relating to Health and Safety.

Are emergency procedures published and accessible to those people with responsibility for sessions at the venue?


If no, please outline what information is missing and action taken, if any:


Do the club and or venue need to take any further action? (Please detail)


Deer often walk through the grounds. These must be warned off at earliest opportunity. And young children are encouraged to stay well clear. 

Occasional notices distributed from the parks authorities, which we pin up on central notice boards and consider through period. Example, poisonous caterpillar last year. 


Print Name: Josh Knappett

Date: 15/04/2014

If the person completing this Risk Assessment feels uncomfortable with the outcomes of the Risk Assessment they should contact someone with the relevant qualifications to perform a comprehensive Risk Assessment of the venue(s) in question.

Useful Contacts include:

Health and Safety Executive website – www.hse.gov.uk 

Health and Safety Executive Infoline – 0845 345 0055