Real words from players, and parents of players, I have and still coach:

“My daughter has been coached by Josh Knappett for several years. She has progressed from U11 to Senior County cricket as well as some involvement in EWDP [England Womens Development Programme] competitions and his excellent coaching, support and encouragement have played a massive part in that progression. She has an enormous amount of respect for him. Watching his coaching sessions I am always struck by the total engagement of the cricketers he coaches. He wants to help them succeed and they cannot fail to improve, due to his brilliant teaching. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a coach.”

“I know how very fortunate I am to be coached by Josh, in both small group County wicket-keeping sessions and on an individual basis. Josh is a committed, professional and hardworking coach. He has exacting standards and demands the same hard work and commitment from those he coaches. He has challenged me and made me work very hard, which has made me understand the benefits that can bring. As a result of his focussed, engaging and skilful coaching, my confidence and knowledge have increased and my wicket-keeping and batting have improved enormously. Josh is a very supportive coach and has given me valuable advice on the mental and physical aspects of the game, based on his wealth of experience. Josh’s love for cricket makes every coaching session challenging and fun. Thanks to his inspiration and encouragement my game has completely changed.”

“Josh has coached Blake 1:1 over the last 5 years and has been instrumental in the development of his game during this time.  Josh’s attention to detail and rigor have equipped Blake with a very solid technical platform around which he is now expanding his game; and his focus on athleticism has significantly developed Blake’s agility, balance and control.

Josh has also fostered in Blake a mental toughness founded on self- belief and a positive attitude – empowering him to weather difficult situations, take responsibility and work out solutions for himself.

Josh gives everything as a coach. For those prepared to work hard with him, the results are significant and very rewarding.”

Hi Josh

I just wanted to drop a quick email to say a big thank you to you and your team of helpers for the cricket camp last week.  

[My son] had a brilliant time. The kids were busy all the time, learning new things – regardless of ability, everyone was batting, bowling, fielding, the noise level at the end of one day as the game reached its climax was deafening!!   [My son] was inspired.  It would be lovely to get that every week at training.

Dear Josh,

Just wanted to let you know [my son] had a brilliant time over the last two days and was disappointed he was not coming tomorrow. All positive for when cricket season starts in a few weeks. 

Thanks a lot